You Can Change Your Mindset with NLP

You Can Change Your Mindset with NLP

Mark J Holland is a highly skilled and Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

NLP mind coaching is the most powerful and effective coaching method available and it delivers concrete results faster than other types of coaching. NLP mind coaching is the result of studying and modelling the most effective forms of coaching and communication available on this planet and combining this with the cutting edge knowledge on human behaviour and thinking patterns.

Mark Helps clients identify their priorities, make plans and take appropriate action based on them

He provides clients with the accountability they must have in order to continue taking action

He also helps clients resolve internal conflicts, increase confidence level and how to make better decisions

Mark truly motivates his clients to take action and stay on the path to their goals and desires.

NLP mind coaching is about continuous improvement of the quality of life.

Quality of life in the following areas:

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Relationships
  3. Business
  4. Career
  5. Finances
  6. Health
  7. Studies

If you want to

  1. Improve your Quality of Life
  2. Lower your Stress Levels
  3. Increase you Confidence
  4. Create Balance in Life
  5. Enhance your Relationships with family and co-workings
  6. Tweak your communication skills
  7. Enrich your Self-discovery
  8. Increase your Self- awareness
  9. Achieve what you set out to do with better goal setting
  10. Fine Tune your health and fitness levels
  11. Or simply increase your ability to complete what you start.

NLP Mind Coaching goes way beyond basic therapy techniques and helps individuals to think in a way that produces consistent, effective results.

NLP is about how to run the brain in a productive way to consistently achieve the best results.  It is the study of how we do things, how we think, how we process information and how we behave which decides the kind of results we get.

NLP mind coaching empowers individuals with the ability to change or eliminate negative thought patterns and behaviours. NLP mind coaching offers effective mental resources to consistently perform at peak levels.

Mark you are amazing. I have nothing but the deepest respect and love for your outstanding personal integrity. You are truly one in a million. You helped me through the toughest time with  insight, compassion and provided dignity to me. I seriously recommend Mark to anyone who is currently Lost in Life. Every thanks. Pepi – Penelope Fogarty

The training has given me a lot of drive that I never had before. It has helped me with confidence in myself and my business and being able to handle people saying “no”. Mark has helped me with unique and powerful ways to advertising with little or no money and experience massive results. I totally loved the training I have done with Mark, I am fired up to do my business and recommend it to anybody who is having a little trouble with their business at all, as it will help you overcome any fears or emotional blockages that you have in your business life. Thank you Mark. You have opened my mind to NLP Mind Coaching because the package you have put together specifically helped me and my business.

Christine Lucas – Small Business Owner – Coffs Harbour

“I find the benefits of Mark’s NLP Mind Coaching ready good because I never really thought about the concept of working with the brain and how it works. With me and my sports career I have been thinking about it a lot more and how it is carried over into your professional life to as well.

I have used this coaching to broaden my horizons and utilize it in my professional career and personal life as well. I found tremendous value in the visualization techniques to increase my results in my professional career.

If you want to improve on anything in you personal and/or business life which are probably everyone, you should do it now.”

Cole Smith Professional Fighter/ Small Business Owner Gold Coast Australia

I have utilized the stuff Mark teaches for my business as well as personally. It has been better for goal direction and changing the way I think about things internally inside my head, how to switch off old thinking and create new ways of thinking. Mark helped me to think about a positive mindset and thinking things through differently in situations. It would be very beneficial to anyone to give it ago for sure, There is nothing to loose so give it a go.

Scott Hutchison Personal Trainer/Small Business Owner Gold Coast Australia

“I would highly recommend Mark and his NLP Mind Coaching along with the professional stuff I am working on in my life. The changes in my personal life have been phenomenal for example the way that I carry myself, my confidence boost, and the big shifts in my life, the difference between the knowing and the doing. This has helped me amazingly.   I can’t imagine not waiting to go down this path and not seeing the benefits or value. Do it for yourself it is exciting!”

Martiene Van Steyn – Fitness Trainer and Wellness Coach – Mermaid Waters

“The reason I would recommend mark as a Mind Coach is if you want to make changes in your life, if you want to become more successful in your business, if you have any personal issues you need to work through to gain confidence and to finally let go of all issues that perhaps are haunting you and blocking your success over a long period of time.” Sharon Wallace – Small Business Owner and Fitness Professional – Gold Coast, Australia