How Coaching Works with NLP Mind Coach Mark...

How my coaching works, the practicalities:

To answer these common questions about NLP Mind Coaching, just scroll down to the question you want answered below.

What are the logistics?

The base coaching is four sessions in the first month paid up front

On the fifth week we rest.

Phone charges are included in your coaching fee, regardless of where you live in the world; this is supplemented with email coaching at no extra charge, and power coaching calls in the interim when needed.

You take on as much home work or home play as you choose.

Most of the learning growth and action happens between the calls.

Note that phone coaching allows me to coach anyone in your country.

How long would we work together?

We would usually start with one month or three to six month period and I ask my clients to simply stay with me as long as they love the coaching and are getting much more value then the money they are paying.

This could range from three to twelve months or even a couple of years.

What does coaching provide?

This is different for each client; most often I hear words like accountability, direction, inspiration, focus, a sounding board, validation, challenge and support.  But the bottom line is we are normally after a specific result that makes a difference in your life.

Do you have any specialities?

I most enjoy working with women and men – removing limitations and negative emotion issues

Habit control

Performance enhancement

And small business owners or managers

I also love working with executives and companies

On top of all that I love to work with people who love to build their own business and increase revenue

What is the cost?

(Note that the following fees are for regular personal or business coaching) If you have any financial challenges, please discuss them with me. I want to create the best coaching to fit within your current budget.

You will note below that I provide an incentive for clients to commit to a specific period to achieve their goals.

3 Months Fee:     $2,400.00 (Skype/Phone)

3 Months Fee:     $2,820.00 (Local Face-To-Face) + Travel Costs

Monthly Fee       $880.00 (Automatic Payment)

6 Months Fee:   $4,800 (Skype/Phone)

12 Months Fee: $9600.00 (Skype/Phone)

(Note: once we have completed the initial coaching term some people like to have just one phone session per month for maintenance, which is available at a reduced fee or we may reduce it to two sessions a month)

(3 Months Investment – $2,400.00)

(Monthly Fee Paid for Three Months – $880 Automatic Payment)


Cancellation/ Reschedule Policy

A 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations or rescheduled appointments.

If I am not notified of a change prior to 24 hours before your appointment you will be changed the full price of your session.

If you reschedule the same appointment more than once, you will be charged double for that session.

These fees will be charged to your credit card if I have it on file, otherwise they will be billed to your email/mailing address and due upon receipt.

Do I have any guarantee?    

If once you have received your welcome pack and completed your first coaching session, you do not feel completely happy that you have made the right decision.  I will cheerfully refund your money in full.  This is a one time option which you will exercise at the end of the first session only.

What if I decide not to finish the coaching term?

If at some point during the coaching you are not getting value, we will both know it.  You may cease coaching at the end of any four week cycle and get a full refund for the unused portion.  Note that you would them be charged the normal monthly rate for the coaching you have used, rather than the discounted fee.

Who are your clients?

I find that I am coaching some men however more women in the 30 – 50 age range, mainly professionals, individuals and children with learning issues.  I love working with Small business people who know there business could be better and two other favourites are helping people with their expanding business or starting their business or in finding a career direction which really inspires them.

Who are You?

Well firstly I am an NLP Mind Coach, I am also an active lover of life, I have been a sales and management consultant in real estate, a sales trainer, business owner and played with many hobbies from singing, acting, and wake boarding to body surfing.

Now I live and coach from the Gold Coast Australia and I also speak to organisations on mind management and using social media to build your small business.

I most enjoy my wife Lynda, my daughter Maddison, friendships, spending time at the movies or beach and continued personal growth.

I began coaching in 2003 and normally work with 15 – 25 clients all over Australia, UK, USA and New Zealand.