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Mark the Mind Coach

Mark the Mind Coach

Did you know that the majority of people are stressed out, broke and exhausted?

You may think you have a confidence problem, maybe a motivation problem. or perhaps overwhelmed with a negative mindset.  Maybe you think that your life can’t be turned around.  THINK AGAIN!

Life offers you a Four Step Process for the acheivement almost anything, it starts with the seed of a thought and ends with progress to an end result. And I can tell you now, there is somthing much deeper that you’re likely not even aware of yet, that has casued you to stumble and fall short of what you want in life.  It’s like someone who wants a better relationship and they don’t realise it’s a deeper challenge that’s blocking them from making it happen.  Or perhaps someone wanting to get out of debt, but whatever they try, they just can’t seem to break through the ever increasing debt.  And then there is the person wanting to live a healthier life, to look and feel fantastic, however, it’s something they can’t quite put there finger on that’s underlining deeper reasons why they keep failing to make it happen.

If you have ever experienced the luxury of Gold Class Movies, First Class Flying, enjoyed a Five Star Hotel or Resturant you understand the value of investing your own money into something specifically focused on you and what you deserve, where you get to enjoy a worth while expereice.

If you qualify for a Strategy Coaching Call we will dig into those underlying issues and get you moving forward like never before.  The “Light Bulb” moments will shift the way you think forever and you’ll finally get the answer as to why your life hasn’t taken off.

But first you must take action and apply.  I can’t do anything to help you until you’re ready to help yourself.  Please note that you may find this call challenging, as we will take you outside of your comfort zone.  Please don’t apply if you’re not ready to create a HUGE change in your life.

(The commitment fee is your commitment to a Strategy Session, it will be gladly refunded if you find no value after your call)

(Commitment Fee Only $97.00)

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Often personal development tools and courses only focus on how to set goals successfully. NLP Mind Coaching helps to make you aware of the subconscious patterns that you express in language and through your senses, and change these patterns when applicable.

What Others Say:

  • I have used this coaching to broaden my horizons and utilize it in my professional career and personal life as well.
  • Mark helped me to think about a positive mindset and thinking things through differently in situations.
  • The changes in my personal life have been phenomenal for example the way that I carry myself, my confidence boost, and the big shifts in my life, the difference between the knowing and the doing. This has helped me amazingly.

NLP offers the possibility of accessing resources from your past or creating new resources for the present and the future. This can give you more self-confidence in areas where you need it.

The training has given me a lot of drive that I never had before.  It has helped me with confidence in myself and my business and being able to handle people saying “no”.  Mark has helped me with unique and powerful ways to advertising with little or no money and experience massive results. I totally loved the training I have done with Mark, I am fired up to do my business and recommend it to anybody who is having a little trouble with their business at all, as it will help you overcome any fears or emotional blockages that you have in your business life.  Thank you Mark.  You have opened my mind to NLP Mind Coaching because the package you have put together specifically helped me and my business. Christine Lucas – Small Business Owner – Coffs Harbour
The #1 Most Important Decision to Rapidly Master Your Psychology Starts Now…

(The committment fee is your commitment to a Strategy Session, it will be refunded if you find no value after your call)

(Commitment Fee Only $97.00)

“The reason I would recommend mark as a Mind Coach is if you want to make changes in your life, if you want to become more successful in your business, if you have any personal issues you need to work through to gain confidence and to finally let go of all issues that perhaps are haunting you and blocking your success over a long period of time. Sharon”
Sharon Wallace Gold Coast, Australia